Journey of an Olympian. Results

People have been asking me what my best lifts were. So here they are.

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Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 39

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Epilogue – A final word

Some people dream of becoming an Olympian from a young age. That wasn’t me. Fate. An opportunity – and I grabbed it. And so it became a dream, the closer I got.

I don’t believe I was the most talented weightlifter. I had self-discipline, determination and a level head. I worked hard on my technique, never quite mastering it, and also had a bit of luck on my side. I may have come into the sport late in life, starting at 27 years old, competing against girls 10 or more years younger but I believe my age helped me. It was the right time for me, I was more mature, more determined and mentally stronger, compared to my younger self. Continue reading “Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 39”

Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 38

Chapter Thirty-Eight: My last hurrah

Fortunately, and probably for the first time ever in my weightlifting career, I really enjoyed my last competition. I enjoyed the Australian home crowd again. I said in the lead up this meant more to me than Manchester. I wanted to re-live that hometown advantage and atmosphere. I was completely focussed in this competition but I had a bit more fun this time. I was smiling at the crowd and waving in the presentation before the competition started. Instead of avoiding looking at the audience like I usually would (to avoid freaking out), this time I was really looking around, looking for familiar faces and connecting with the audience. Coming from Sydney, Melbourne may not have been my actual home town but most of my family was there, including my in-laws from England. I wanted to make everyone proud and to bring them all along for the ride. Continue reading “Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 38”

Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 37

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Arrival at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

I had really looked forward to coming back for these Commonwealth Games because it was a ‘home’ games and I hoped to feel the same vibe we felt at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. However soon after I arrived I began to realise these Games were different to the previous Games I had attended. I was not in my best shape, although I was getting there. The dynamics of the team were different, a real mixture of new and old lifters. I missed my close friends from the past Games who had since retired. I was a mother now, so found it harder to relate to the other lifters who didn’t have any responsibilities like children back at home. Plus I felt a lot of guilt about leaving my little boy. Continue reading “Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 37”

Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 35

Chapter Thirty-Five: The drugs subject rears its ugly head again

The dreaded but inevitable subject of drugs in weightlifting came up again in the media. I had always been annoyed by the constant insinuations & accusations from ignorant people, assuming that because I was involved with a strength sport, I must be taking steroids. I felt we were unfairly tarnished by bad press, by actions of other weightlifters overseas. I always insisted to anyone who asked, that in Australia we were clean. But over 2005-2006, things went sour for us here too. Continue reading “Journey of an Olympian. Chapter 35”