I often find myself day dreaming about past trips and thinking about where to go next.  I like to plan everything with a little degree of flexibility (I work in risk management after all).  While planning the trip is half the fun, it can also be very time consuming – going through Trip Advisor and hotel websites, reading reviews and talking to various friends, relatives and colleagues about their experiences and recommendations…

Here in my travel blog, I share my personal tips and experiences on places I have visited during recent travels around the world.  As I have just hit ‘middle age’ and most holidays are with our two children, you will find many of my posts are from this perspective. i.e. travelling on a family budget and sometimes challenged with balancing what we as adults want to see and experience, versus what interests the children. However there have also been occasions where the hubby and I have managed to enjoy a short trip somewhere on our own, without kids.

I also admit, this blog is for me as much as for other readers. As I get older, my memories fade, so this will serve as some reminders for me (a travel diary of sorts), as much as it is a place for sharing my experience and recommendations with you.

All photos are my own – please don’t use them without my permission.

Hope you enjoy the reading and find it useful.

Happy travelling!

Corfe Castle, Dorset, England (Dec 2013)