Journey of an Olympian


I began this travel blog as a hobby, to write about my passion for travelling and to share tips & experiences about my recent travels around the world.

Then it occurred to me I was sitting on the story of an epic journey – one that more people might be interested in reading about.  Anyone can jump on a plane to go explore another country. Not many experience the journey of becoming an Olympian.

I have always enjoyed writing, having kept journals of my travels since I was 12 years old. (Thanks Dad, for encouraging me to do this!) So not surprisingly, I wrote a journal about my biggest ‘trip’ of my lifetime – of becoming an Olympian and then a Commonwealth Games medalist. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for several years, unshared, until now…

For my close weightlifting friends reading this, don’t worry – “What goes on tour, stays on tour!” This is my account of my personal journey, including some of my most personal thoughts and feelings along the way.

Sydney 2000

Hope you find it interesting!

Chapter 1 – Prelude

Chapter 2 – My introduction to Burwood Weightlifting Club & Head Coach Luke

Chapter 3 – Training & competing in the early days

Chapter 4 – Meeting other lifters

Chapter 5 – Set-backs and my first visit to Nauru

Chapter 6 – Training gets serious

Chapter 7 – Some advancements

Chapter 8 – A rollercoaster of Low’s & High’s

Chapter 9 – My first ‘Green & Gold’ – at the World Championships in Athens

Chapter 10 – The build up to Olympic Team selections

Chapter 11 – Sydney 2000 Olympic Team selections

Chapter 12 – Getting down to business

Chapter 13 – In march the drug testers – again

Chapter 14 – The eve of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

Chapter 15 – Arrival at the Olympics

Chapter 16 – My day of competition at the Olympic Games

Chapter 17 – Enjoying the rest of the Olympic Games

Chapter 18 – The big come down

Chapter 19 – Planning for 2002 Commonwealth Games

Chapter 20 – Manchester fast approaching & major set-backs

Chapter 21 – Another training camp in Melbourne

Chapter 22 – Arrival in Manchester

Chapter 23 – Village life leading up to competition

Chapter 24 – My day of competition at the Commonwealth Games

Chapter 25 – Enjoying the rest of the Commonwealth Games

Chapter 26 – Holidays – What’s that again?

Chapter 27 – What next?

Chapter 28 – World Championships in Poland

Chapter 29 – Considering retirement

Chapter 30 – Off to Tonga for Oceania Championships & fate becomes the decider

Chapter 31 – Taking an extended break

Chapter 32 – The come-back trail

Chapter 33 – The come-back stalls

Chapter 34 – Commonwealth Games Trials in Melbourne

Chapter 35 – The drugs subject rears its ugly head again

Chapter 36 – Onwards & Upwards… And off to a Training Camp at the AIS in Canberra

Chapter 37 – Arrival at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

Chapter 38 – My last hurrah

Chapter 39 – Epilogue:  A final word


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